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miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Dam Mantle – Purple Arrow EP
Dam Mantle reveals his new Purple Arrow EP which is released on September 13th. You can get an immediate download of it via his site

lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

Parmegiani: "Pulsion-miroir"
Bernard Parmegiani (born 27 October 1927 in Paris, France) is an electronic or acousmatic composer who trained under Pierre Schaeffer.

1964 Violostries
1967-1968 L’Instant mobile, Capture éphémère
1970 L'Œil écoute
1971 Chronos
1971 L’Enfer (based on La Divine Comédie)
1972 Pour en finir avec le pouvoir d’Orphée
1974 Chants Magnétiques
1975 De Natura Sonorum
1980 L’Echo du miroir
1984 La Création du monde
1985-1986 Exercismes 1 - 2 - 3
1991 Le Présent composé
1992 Entre-temps
1996 Sonare

viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Fever Ray covers Peter Gabriel

"We made it more intense and faster to fit our eccentric percussionists and energetic live musicians. It is a monotone track but we worked with the dynamics trying to make it sparkle. I listened to it a lot when I was around 15, and it still moves me. It made me start reading Anne Sexton too.” (said fever ray)
here the song :
Mercy Street mp3

jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

Dark, ruptured skies…
England based "Freedom" have a new production, called Ruptured Skies. Triphop meets dub you can say in this one. It has a very steady opening with obscure vocals and the sound of rain untill at one point a very deep sub bass kicks in (make sure you use a subwoofer). Reminds a bit of Massive Attack’s darkness at times! The perfect song to drive back in your car at night without your headlights on and just let your mind wander…

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Maximum Balloon featuring Aku – ‘Tiger’

Lite – ‘Image Game’

jon hopkins

Jamaica – ‘Short and Entertaining’

JAMAICA - 'Short and Entertaining' VIDEO from bermudapants on Vimeo.

Jennifer Evans – Scattered’

Holy Ghost

introducing beat connexion
is new and Free

Rafter – ‘No Fucking Around’

Caribou – ‘Sun’

CARIBOU - Sun from Caribou on Vimeo.

Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On

Don't Turn The Lights On from Chromeo1 on Vimeo.

Broken Social Scene – ‘Forced to Love’

Ratatat – “Drugs”

Ratatat // Drugs
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